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Maximizing Efficiency: The AssetSprout Advantage in Financial Billing & Reporting

Get ahead of the competition with AssetSprout! Our innovative features, seamless integrations, and client-centric solutions maximize efficiency in financial billing and reporting.

If you are a financial advisory business, choosing the right billing and reporting solution can make all the difference in streamlining operations, enhancing client experiences, and maximizing profitability.
This is where we come in.
AssetSprout is a game-changing platform that offers unparalleled value and efficiency compared to its competitors. It stands well above its competition with its revolutionary billing and reporting solution. Here’s why!
  • Seamless integration with Wealthbox and Redtail CRMs
  • Integration of custodian data feeds from Schwab
  • Multiple advisor and admin accounts
  • Unlimited client accounts
  • Comprehensive client portal
  • Advanced payment settings, including credit card and ACH options
  • White-label branding with custom logo options
  • eSignature functionality
  • Free documents vault with up to 50MB storage
  • Competitive pricing: 2.75% + 0.75% with a $10 cap

Integration Ease and Flexibility

AssetSprout takes integration to the next level with seamless compatibility with leading CRMs like Wealthbox and Redtail.  We also integrate custodian data feeds from Schwab.
AssetSprout empowers advisors with effortless integration capabilities, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced productivity — without limiting your options or imposing exorbitant fees!

Scalable Account Management

Why settle for restrictive account structures? AssetSprout offers multiple advisor and admin accounts for your firm, allowing every member of your team to access the platform with ease. 
No more wrestling with limited accounts or paying extra for additional users. AssetSprout puts the power back in your hands, enabling collaboration and teamwork without breaking the bank.
Additionally, when it comes to serving your clients, limitations are simply unacceptable. AssetSprout understands this, which is why we offer UNLIMITED client accounts. Whether you're working with ten clients or a thousand, AssetSprout scales effortlessly to meet your needs, ensuring that no client is left behind.

Client-Centric Features

AssetSprout prioritizes the client experience with a comprehensive client portal, allowing clients to conveniently view and manage payment methods and subscriptions. 
This user-friendly interface fosters greater engagement and satisfaction—an aspect often overlooked by its competitors, whose platforms may lack the same level of client accessibility and customization.

Advanced Payment Options

Gone are the days of rigid payment structures. AssetSprout empowers advisors with advanced payment settings, including the option to accept both credit card and ACH payments. 
With competitive ACH fees capped at $10 and no hidden charges, AssetSprout enables advisors to offer flexible payment solutions tailored to their clients' preferences, a stark contrast to the higher fees imposed by its competitors.
Why opt to pay a credit card fee of 3.5% + $0.30 per transaction (outrageous, we know!) when you can choose a significantly better cost-saving solution? 
AssetSprout's credit card fee of 2.75% + 0.75% with a $10 cap per transaction ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising on service quality. 
For advisors processing over 100k annually, AssetSprout offers custom pricing. Contact us today to tailor your solution.

Branding Freedom

AssetSprout goes the extra mile with white-label branding options, allowing firms to showcase their brand identity with custom logos—a feature notably absent in the competitor's essential offering. 
By providing this level of customization, AssetSprout empowers advisors to reinforce their brand presence and credibility, setting them apart from the competition in a crowded marketplace.

Effortless Documentation Management

In today's digital world, signing documents should be a breeze. AssetSprout's integrated eSignature feature streamlines document management, allowing you to send, track, and manage documents with ease. 
Additionally, with a free documents vault accommodating up to 50MB, AssetSprout eliminates the hassle of document storage and management, offering a secure and centralized repository for essential client documents. 
Say goodbye to paper-based processes and hello to a faster, more efficient way of doing business.
AssetSprout is not just a financial billing and reporting solution—it's a game-changer for financial advisory businesses. With integrations that amplify productivity, advanced payment settings for maximum flexibility, and competitive pricing that saves you money (and time!), AssetSprout is the perfect choice against the costly alternatives out there!

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